Zoey Necrodopolous is a zombie and the younger sister of Zed.

Role in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S

In the beginning of the movie, Zoey is seen playing with her stuffed animal, Zander. Her older brother, Zed comes downstairs and starts pretending to be a dog, which makes Zoey happy.

Background Information


Zoey is a very passionate girl, who dreams of having a dog and being a cheerleader, which is discovered by Addison during the party in Zombietown. She is very sweet and loves her older brother Zed, especially when he pretends to be a dog for her. She is not allowed to have a pet due to her being a zombie, so she pretends that her stuffed dog, Zander, is an actual dog.

Powers & Abilities

As a zombie Zoey possesses many special powers from her zombie bloodline. Therefore, Zoey is capable of the following:

  • Superspeed: This grants her speed.


Group songs



Zed is Zoey's older brother.


  • "I'm rockin', I smile, ZOMBIES AREN'T VILE!"

  • "All they're missing is the best cheerleader I ever saw."


  • She wants to be a cheerleader.
  • Addison is the first human she meets.
  • She has an actual dog named "Puppy", which was given to her by Addison at the end of the movie.