Zed Necrodoplis is the male protagonist of Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.

Role in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S

Zed is the main zombie and co-protagonist of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.

Background Information


Zed is mainly a rule-following student who tries to keep out of trouble. However, upon realizing that he has a chance to end the unfair treatment of his race, he jumps at the opportunity to fight for his, and his friends, rights. He is a kindhearted boy, seeing that being different isn't always bad, especially in his love interest, Addison. At one point in the film, Zed risks his life as he briefly turns himself/makes himself appear human using his hacked z-band, to impress Addison's zombie-hating parents. He also pretends to be a dog on multiple occasions for his younger sister, Zoey, who as a zombie, isn't allowed to own a pet.

Powers & Abilities

As a zombie Zed possess many special powers from his zombie bloodline. Therefore, Zed is capable of the following:

  • Superspeed: This grants him speed.
  • Athlete: Zed is skilled in various sports, such as:
    • Football: He is member of the football team. (Rugby in England.)
  • Superstrength: as he takes on more and more zombie traits, he gets stronger.
  • Risked life: He risked his life for the zombies so they could fit in more.




Group songs



Addison is the love interest of Zed. When Zed escapes from the basement, he and Addison both run into the zombie safe room. When the lights go on and Addison realizes Zed is a zombie, she punches him in the face. She then apologises and explains about her parents views on zombies. After the cheer tryouts, Bucky tells Addison and Bree to egg Zed’s house. The next day, Addison attempts to apologise and explain what happened. Zed, along with Eliza, Bonzo and other zombies then come to the pep rally. Addison then makes an attempt to talk to the zombies at lunchtime, which fails. Zed and Addison then talk about the differences between zombies and humans, and Addison admits about her wig. They then go to the zombie safe room. (someday.)


Eliza is Zed’s best friend. They always have each other’s back. However, Eliza is discouraged about Zed’s views about humans for the first half of the film, becoming better about them after BAMM.


Bonzo is Zed’s other best friend. Zed, along with every else, can understand Bonzo.


Zoey is Zed’s little sister. Before and during the course of the film, Zed sometimes pretends to be a dog for zoey.


- (To Addison) " just thanked me for rubbing peanut butter on your umbrella..."

- "There's no 'i' in 'team'! But there is an 'i' in 'zombie'! Ok, but that's not the point."

- "Maybe it's team chemistry. But honestly I don't think the team is blocking for me..."

- "You're from the perfect paradise, and I'm living on the darker side."

- "We're gonna let our freak flags fly."

- "But what could go so wrong with a girl and a zombie?"

- (Singing to Addison) "Girl, you look delicious. Oh, I mean gorgeous."

- “It’s beautiful, your beautiful.”

- “Great, I’ll just win them over with my quick wit and charming smile.”

- “I’m not a monster, I’m a zombie.”

- "We're making progress."


  • Besides Bonzo, at the beginning of the movie, he is the only one to hope for things to get better for zombies when they transfer to Seabrook High.