Includes Spilers of the movie!

I had to get these out of my brain somehow, so here my takes on what I think would be the Hogwarts houses of the main characters of Disney's Zombies:

Zed: I think he'd be a Slytherin. He seems to be very ambitious and that he would do anything to achieve his ends. He lets Eliza hack his Z-Band in the movie just to win the football games and help zombies to be more accepted. He also appears to be determined at least to not cause the zombies' reputation or Addison any harm. He risked pretty mush when he swiped right on his Z-Band just so Addison wouldn't have to explain to her parents that she is going out with a zombie and even managed to control himself for a bit when he became full zombie and kept himself from attacking Bucky. He is also very loyal to those who deserve it (His sister, his father, Eliza, Bonzo, Addison).

Eliza: I was torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin for her, but I have to go with Slytherin since she has shown decrimination towards humans and especially cheerleaders and acceptance is a trait of Ravenclaw. She is really clever/intelligent (a shared trait of the houses), but also shows great fraternity with her fellow zombies, what is a trait of Slytherin as well. That he'd do anything to achieve his ends is shown when he kept using the hack of his Z-Band even though it caused him much pain and that he resulted to cheating by hacking his Z-Band in general.

Bonzo: I'd say that he would be a Ravenclaw since he seems to be really creative (Because he wants to get into the music club or something like that) and pretty intelligent even though we don't understand it. He also appears to be really accepting of others since he wanted to hug the woman from the school security. His want to hug everyone might also show he is more of a Hufflepuff, but I think Ravenclaw is mor fitting. She's also very determined since she wanted to start a revolution when the accaptence of zombies started to disappear. And that she hacked her own Z-Band for video games shows that she may do anything to achieve her ends as well (Maybe she adjusted it to be better in video games, I don't know)

Addison: I think she wouls be a Hufflepuff since she is hard-working (Just look at all the trophies from cheering camp), dedicated (She gave up talking to her crush to stay a cheerleader), fair, loyal (she still communicated with the zombies in some way even after Bucky threatened her and defended them in the end) and pretty tolerant since she was the only one who wasn't faced when zombies attended their high school. She was also very kind, especially to Chloe who she let be head cheerleader and got her a puppy.

Bree: I think it'd be Hufflepuff for her as well since she is mostly really positive and hard-working. She appears to be really oyal as well since she stood with Addison even when it meant to be thrown out of the cheerleading team as well.

Bucky: I have to go with Slytherin here as well since he values traditions or at least his family history (with the story of his grandfather) what is sometimes a trait of Slytherins. He is also very determined and even stubborn shown when he kicked everyone out of cheerleading team who wasn't anti-zombie. Ambition is also very apparent in him, he didn't want anyone to be more popular than him and would've done everything for it to stay the most popular guy (Even creating three blood thirsty monsters so zombies will be hated again).